Sort BPM, artists are displayed alphabetically

how to sort by bpm, and still the artists are displayed alphabetically. just like you can at serato. Can’t even put this into Denon’s software. Otherwise you’ll never find a track.

Value Denon developer team. Please implement

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Choose sort by bpm - go to your search field icon - click artist and there are all your artists in alphabetical order … then you can click through the artists, and search for an artist in your desired bpm range.

thanks for the answer and unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. use version 1.3.2. it would be cool if you can set it like this in the main view, i.e. it would be integrated like in the serato view. even about sorting and searching it’s a breeze if it works…

denon could do that, because it would make many of them porfitieren and the search easier…know a lot of people who think so better.

hmm. than just do a feature request on how they should implement sorting it better. that would help also a lot of people here, and it´s nice to have more options in sorting our libraries.

:wink: egg: multiple choice of the sorting elements in the upper bar:

like bpm+artist - or bpm+title or bpm+key+artist / bpm+key+title

You heard me. You’re my husband. I always find the alphabetical listing should be fixed. The given sorting is then the additional selection. Then you don’t need a double selection. That would be my wish at Denon which absolutely must be inserted. Exemplary as with serato. Should be no problem to implement this. Not related to the search but from the beginning on the main view. What I also notice again and again when hanging up and what is missing somehow is to show both times. Space would be enough once the time from 00:00 and one next to it backwards. Many trifles in the end make it and work easier. After 11 years serato one is just used to a lot.