Song shows missing when it shouldn't

I have music stored on a hdd on my desktop and I’m trying to move it to a crate but EP shows the track is missing even though I can clearly see it in the folder in windows along with the tracks above and below. I can also play the track in windows. Any ideas?

Does engine have any problems with the special characters in the song title?. …are they also in the file name?

I went into the details tab in File Explorer and removed all special characters, theres other tracks with special characters too that have no issue. I also deleted all files from the zip folder the songs came in (thanks bandcamp) and re-extracted them to the same folder in windows that I have opened in EP, still shows red. It’s a regular mp3 like the rest of the files. I moved the file to a different folder and removed the rest of the special characters, then restarted EP. It STILL shows up red when looking in the plain folder, every other track is fine.

found another track in the same folder doing the same thing. Traktor sees it just fine and plays this, and the other track mentioned with no problem. Special characters aren’t the issue because there’s tracks with kanji and other weird characters in the title and they play fine in EP.