Some track block and restart Prime Go 2.1

Hello there, I find this big issue exactly for NYE gig. Some tracks (mp 3 320kbps/48kHz original DJ City and Beatport) even working well on my other CDJs, XDJs, Prime 4, on Prime GO are blocking and reset the system, thing that is pretty bad if you are in the meddle of a gig because you are practically cut out and you cannot do anything until the system restart. I check this files one by one and no difference in the file format or quality with others. Someone meet the same problem on Prime GO 2.1 firmware?

Hey @fane - Does this happen with a specific set of tracks?

Are tracks i downloaded in different time, is pity because I don’t make playlists and I play exactly that tracks, so I never know when is happening and all freezing. I can send you few tracks to analyse if you want. I was thinking maybe are hidden informations in mp3 file that interferes with engine os, for example in mac you can see in info file information that doesn’t exist in other part, like where was downloaded the file.

What was the song that was playing when it happened?

Are many, I must to take one by one to check

Maybe a corrupt database? I would do a search on the forum.