Soft tempofader takeover

Hi, i noticed a soft take over of the tempofader when switching layers. But when i adjust the tempo range of the fader there is no soft take over. It just jumps to the New tempo accordi g to the changed range, a soft take over would be very very handy. Hopefully this can be implemented of set in setting?!

My players with the last two versions of firmware do indeed have soft takeover when you change pitch range. They also annoyingly have soft takeover after you’ve changed layers and loaded a new track, which upon track load in my opinion they should just read the new pitch position. I’m curious as to what the reasoning is behind the latter. Which version of the firmware are you using?

I am on the latest? 1.0.3 version. I thought it wasnt so on earlier version but i noticed it last weekend when doing some huge tempo changed on the go. Never use sync or quantise. Going to check it later again when not performing live to be sure when it does what.

Thinking about it, in my experience when switching layers and loading New track, it actually does take the tempo of the fader position. But again i have to check to be absolute sure. Will get back to you.