Slow Analysis of MP4 files from BPMSupreme DJ pool

Engine Prime and the SC5000 plays MP4.

Wondering if anyone else has noticed a delay when MP4 from are being analysed in Engine Prime. The analysis bar grinds to halt and completes after a long delay compared to MP4 I have from other DJ pools.

I don’t have similar issues with MP4 I downloaded from other video pools such as or

I emailed the pool to highlight this issue perhaps it’s their encoding or something

Files from smashvision and Xtendamix breezes through at the same speed as audio only files.

You’ve made the same test that I would make eg: Try a different MP4 file.

it may be that there is either an encoding error, or at least an encoding “difference” with one video supplier, as it’s only videos from that one supplier which you’ve found create this delay. It could be some kind of DRM (digital rights management) checking, or watermarking etc.

Obviously, file size would make a difference to encoding speed, but I doubt there would be much difference between video quality (and therefore file size) between the three suppliers that you mention. Of course, video duration could make a difference eg: A 4 minute video versus a 15 minute megamix/montage, but I’m guessing that you’re comparing one 4 minute video against another similar 4 minute video

Yeah I did like for like. The delay is more obvious when I’m doing a batch analysis I keep an eye on the dot that indicates “grid” once I hit a file from that supplier things just go slow but eventually completes analysing after a long period. I’ve also stopped downloading MP4 from them since I have active subscription with other pools. They are a bit faster in uploading new contents though but once the other pools upload same video I delete theirs.

Their files work/analyses ok in Serato DJ though which I use for my video DJ gigs.

Now I exclude their files if I need to do a quick batch analysis.

That would be my guess.