Slick jogwheels for scratching...suggestions

This is very insignificant question, compared to what is normally posted, but thought I would ask the knowledgeable community about it.

I am mainly an open format DJ and include scratching in my mixes.
I’m very old school coming from turntables and love the moving platters.

I was never a fan of the CDJ non moving platters until Denon came out with the SC3900 and I was hooked.

Fast forward past the incredible Numark v7’s and NS7 series to the nearly perfect Prime 4, the jog wheels seem to be very slick when scratching.

Does anyone know of a conductive thin film that could be applied to the jog wheels to give it more friction?

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That’s a good question.

Hi @prod, not that I’m aware of but we’ve added a new platter nudge sensitivity option in 1.3.2 to the utility settings which may give you some more options?

Thanks Jay. I saw that recently. It really changed everything for the better in my opinion.


Good to hear!

If you have any more suggestions please let us know in the feature section!

Not sure you calling it “resistance” is quite the best terminology to have used on that video, Jay. Might confuse some people.

I notice there’s only a single, shared setting in there. Is the jog sensitivity now the same in both directions?

It seems the same in both directions now which is a bonus.

That would be good. How insensitive can it seem to be made compared to what it was before? You can use the prior sensitivity in rear as a guess, say about as insensitive as rearward was, or double, etc? Does it default to a setting in the middle that is comparable to the old rearward bend?

Also, at the lowest sensitivity, can you still seem to get it to go up fairly high in pitch bend with a fast enough rotation or does it seem to reach its maximum possible bend at a fairly slow rotation rate? That’s the only annoying aspect of the Gemini jog bend that’s otherwise amazing. At the most insensitive setting, the MDJ tops out at a fairly low pitch bend even though I can rotate even faster and get no additional bend intensity after a certain point.