Shuffle option


Would it be possible to add a shuffle feature on the playlists in the prime series? I would like to put together some dinner music playlists for weddings but i dont want to play the same songs in the same order everytime.



It is certainly feasible, but we have to see if they (Denon DJ guy) think it is a right function to implement.

I do this: the same crate or playlist I play once in BPM order, once in key order, once in alphabetical order and so on. So you change the sequence. :wink:

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Such a basic feature to be missing.

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I support Shuffle playback, along with some minor tweaking to Continuous Mode so it auto mixes instead of just having dead air between songs. Perhaps a choice of fade in/out seconds to control the auto mix… Just like what the djay app for Android & IOS currently has to offer… I agree, it would be nice to have these bsic options. .