Sharing Database between 2 PC's???

Is there any way to share/update the database between 2 PC’s? I use a PC along w/ a laptop. I would like to update my crates/playlist (on laptop) and then have them updated on my PC when I restart Engine. I currently use Dropbox(to store MP3’s) as well to sync between the Laptop and the PC. Can I use that to share the Database? Any suggestions would be great!

You should be able to just put everything on an external drive and move it back and forth - this would be the easiest and simplest approach.

The problem with sharing a database is that it references the exact location on a computer hard drive for each song. There’s a number of things that can go very wrong here, and it isn’t something that we support.

The thing is that Engine no longer uses a centralized database. All track information is kept where the tracks are found when added to your collection, i.e. decentralized. There are some third-party tools that can help collect all the tracks so it’s easier to create an external drive for your entire collection as @AIRVince suggests.