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Hi, hoping this is in the right section this time.

Can someone explain to me the best workflow for running Serato alongside Engine. I want to do my main library management in Serato then sync it with Engine.

I have done the initial integration so my full Serato collection and playlists are now showing in Engine. If I add some new tracks to a Serato playlist then press update in Engine, the tracks appear in that playlist but id like to know the best way to also add them to my Engine playlist of the same name?

Is there a fast and easy way of doing this or is it going to be a manual update?

What’s up @STU-C,

You’ll have to drag the new tracks into the Engine DJ playlists. The key is being able to identify ALL the new tracks.

What I’ve done is create a temporary crate in Serato called “New Adds”. I place all the new stuff in that crate. I then open Engine DJ, press update to see the temporary crate and it’s content, and drag the new adds to the Playlist(s) I want them to appear in.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

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Cheers man that’s helpful, I have about 15 playlists separated by genre so I think adding them in on Serato then just sorting by date added in Engine is gonna be the best way, then just dragging them over to each playlist. Luckily I don’t buy music too often so its going to be an occasional pain, I wish they had playlist update though.

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I use a product called Lexicon, which is in beta right now, but is run by the developer at (can’t make a link, you’ll have to copy paste to a browser).

Right now, this tool is the best for a number of tasks, but specifically migrating from Serato to Engine is particularly nice, as it preserves all beat grids and cues easily, by locking the tracks from modification before export. It handles complete sync operations, and is 1 touch. As I said, the Lexicon software is in beta, but accessible with a subscription to This software has far more configurable cue point generation, and a number of other useful tools for managing libraries. It supports import/export from ALL major platforms. Cheers.

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Welcome to the forum @s4000.

These tools are already known here. Developed by forum member @Christiaan.

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That’s cool, just mentioning it because he asked about workflow :slight_smile: Cheers.

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