Serato pro w/ prime 4

If the whole idea with the prime 4 Is to delete the use of a laptop Then that needs to happen when other dj software Is welcome on the prime 4 platform Like serato pro.

Does serato pro need a laptop ?

Yes… and it shouldn’t be for what we Paid for this controller lol

The prime 4 is cheap for what it is. Add up a price of laptop capable of DJing without cracks and pop stutters, a mixer with a decent sound card, two deck surfaces each with two layers.

I’m surprised the prime 4 wasn’t 30% more than it is already.

Serato (VirtualDJ, Traktor, Rekordbox, whatever DJ software) only runs on a x86/amd64 based computer. Their developers never advertised the ability to run on anything other than a computer running Windows or macOS, which run on the above mentioned platform. So, of course it is not possible to run any of the afore mentioned solutions on the Prime unit itself, because it’s not x86/amd64 based in the first place. If you thought that somehow you would be able to run Serato or any of the other DJ softwares on the Prime unit itself, you either do not know the first thing about hardware/software, or you did not perform due diligence before buying.


one, it’s not a controller. It is a standalone piece of hardware. Two, it is the cheapest way to play on 4 decks with hardware that is currently available. Your pricing argument is invalid. :wink:


This will never happen. Serato is for Mac or PC. Prime 4 is using Denon software, and the hardware is not running any of the Mac or PC operating systems (no windows or Mac OS). That means You can’t instal what ever You want on it. The device is running on it’s own operating system Engine OS.

First of …Please don’t make it seem like my request is soooooo outrageous,… I’m sure there’s other djs around the globe that’s wondering the same (Miss me with the Sarcasm ladies (smh) Sec “yes… I understand it’s a all n one blah blah type of unit, and to the one said I havint done research before purchasing, ( I’ve doubt that) My choice was good for a unit for future djing (other dj platforms wasn’t in the workings at the time!) I was only asking the request because other Dj DAWs are welcome to run with a unit (NOW) I was just saying if prime 4 primarily focuses is on self contained unit with no laptop needed then why not just still to new basic n keep it simple cause guarantee I’m not only one with this thought process (Sounds like a few Denon tech folks got DEEP n there feeling about the original post) smh lol I’m out… and respectfully thank you for your insight!

What’s this mean ?

Any how, the prime 4. Power it up, give it songs, it plays them, it’s standalone

You could set up a laptop next to a prime 4 and run some dj software on it , and have the prime 4 ignore it’s got its own brain and just have it so you move the prime 4 controls up and down to make serato louder and quieter.

It’s flexible that way