Second Engine Library folder suddenly appeared

I have my tracks on an external hard disk and the engine library in my computers music directory - so it’s quite standard (PC). Everything works great.

Recently, another folder called “Engine Library” suddenly appeared on the external hard drive… what is it for?

(I know how the syncmanager works and did not accidentally sync any music with my external drive)

That’s the database for tracks on the external.

It’s normal.

You will have one engine folder in your internal Music folder (by default) and if you store your collection on a external drive another Engine Folder will be created on the root of the external.

Doesn’t matter if you synced to the external drive.

Once you drag songs from that external to engine prime the Engine Folder is created.

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Ah okay. And in case of backup I have to backup both Engine folders? (Since I have my music only on the external folder, I suppose the “database” in my internal music folder is “empty” anyway)

Ah, then that’s not quite standard, as you claimed.

The important backup for EP is the database, and there’s a button for that. You should also backup your music files though, if you only have them on the external drive (all eggs in one basket).

Sorry, you are right. :see_no_evil:

which I found in the internal music folder.

If the Engine folder on the external drive would be deleted, it would be newly created as soon as I start the software again, I suppose?

Sorry to be so specific. It’s an occupational disease. I can’t help it. :joy: :joy:

I wouldn’t do that.

I use an external for my music just like you.

The Engine Folder on the external is the database for tracks on the external.

If you delete it, you will lose the crates, hot cues etc that were made with tracks from the external drive

If you delete the Internal drive engine folder you will not lose the performance data for tracks on the external

Another way to think about it - say you bought a new computer and plug that external drive into it all your crates and analysis will be there.

Same as if you plug that external into a prime player…everything is there.

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Thank you very much! Now I´ve got it. :wink:

Wait! You say, I can plug those external drive directly into a SC6000 and it will work too? Without syncmanager & co? That would be great!

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That’s correct, no need to sync. Engine Prime allows you to manage everything on the external drive itself :+1:


Yes sir.

Try it.

And hotcues and loops created are saved.

#ProTip :love_you_gesture:t6:

If you are planning to use the drive on your prime player. I will strongly advise creating a clone of the entire drive as a backup. Any incremental back up solution will work.

I use Carbon copy Cloner on Mac. I’m sure there are Windows alternatives

The created clone also works exactly like the main drive. Plug and Play


@addie @mufasa Thank you. Learned something again.


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