Search functions on all folders and the tracks

hello i have the prime 2. And I have a hard drive with different albums and folders on a 1 TB hard drive. Is it possible to somehow link the tracks with the Prime 2? so that I can use the search functions on all folders and the tracks that I load are immediately shown on the display? with BPM etc.? I have so many songs and when I do radio and someone wants something I don’t know which folder the led is in - so I would like to be able to search the hard drive on Prime 2 by searching for all tracks on a hard drive

Run the analysis in engine prime. When the program will build a data base, then You can search it on the prime 2.

can you explain it in more detail?

I will do this in steps:

  1. Plug in USB to the back of Prime 2
  2. Plug the same cable other end to the computer.
  3. Switch PRIME 2 in to Computer (midi/controller) mode. (Source > Computer icon) The computer should recognize the Prime 2 as a storage device with Your drive in it.
  4. Start Engine Prime on the computer.
  5. Add the tracks to the collection from the drive from inside Your Prime 2.
  6. Let Engine Prime run the analysis.
  7. When finished click EJECT icon in Engine Prime to safely finish the data base writing to the drive.
  8. Switch off Engine prime.
  9. Switch Prime 2 back to normal mode.
  10. Power off and on is also a good idea after the console comes back from computer mode.

After this You should be able to search on the Prime 2 all Your music.

Intern or USB ?

This is for internal drive that You mounted inside the device.

and now

On lower left You have Device panel, open it and if all is done eject the device. If not yet ready, then open the device panel, check what is on Your device and give it a scan.

how big is the hard disk maximum

As big as You want. But never seen anyone with more than 4TB