Screen Freezing, Cannot Acces Ultility Menu, and How Bad Is DenonDJ Customer Service

I just Bought MCX8000 Last Year, and a week later my MCX8000 got some issue like the Crossfader is not working,Both Screen Freezing. I suddenly send an email (Through Denon DJ Website) to ask for support (6/22/2017) and untill now i dont get any reply from any support technician from Denon. Thankfully my MCX8000 is Working again without any Service, i dont know how its work. But yeah it working again.

And… In 12/31/2017 yea my MCX8000 have a screen freezing again but this time its cannot go Ultility Menu, just like the View Button is not working but it get illuminated. And again i send an email to Denon DJ Support, but yeah i dont get any reply from They Support Technician.

Today 11/17/2018 i try to send an email again to DenonDJ. Hopefully they will reply this time. Yeah my MCX8000 is sitting in my desk for a year and it still got the Freezing Screen i try to turn on it every day. When i use Serato it working (sounds is coming out) but the screen is freezing up stuck at Booting Logo.

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Why not call them? Screen freezing issues have been addressed on the forum. You have to send the unit in.


I’m from Brazil and bought an used controller. How do I fix this problem? Could I buy an other power adapter? How can I contact a support from here? I’m from Rio de Janeiro. My screen froze and I cannot access the menu or use in standalone mode. But in Serato mode it works well.

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@S_Anderson if you look all my posts, they are all problems in common with screen freeze. I don’t have support from Denon, nobody solves the issue and i and I still have a bricked console on my desk… if you want to help me good, if don’t golf away please…

Just email them.

What version of firmware were you putting the latest version onto ?

I did… I have sent emails to denon support… this is my first post… Firmware update error on mxc8000… the latest version i used was 2.1…

@JWiLL help out

Hello @jcazalw, sorry to hear about your MCX8000. Contacting Technical Support is indeed the best method of assistance for your controller. How did you contact our team exactly? Have you tried filling out a Denon DJ Customer Support Form?

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Hi guys… I’ve contacted with denon support and they told me it looks like a hardware problem… i must send my console to revision… i bought the console in Miami, I’m living in Paraguay and it is no solution for me…

I asked if they have identified the part with problems for a change or repair, they don’t…

I’m very disappointed with denon because the problem started when trying to update the firmware… i will search a crashed console to take a parts or something… i don’t know… @Nekoro_DenonDJ Regards.

I think our Technical Support team can help you more than you think, @jcazalw . I recommend contacting them again and reopening your support ticket, repairs are not out of the question just because you live in Paraguay.

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