SC6K Start track playing from hotcue (performance pads) with a loop activated

Hi guys, i was wondering if its possible to start a track play using play button or using the performance pads with a preset loop already activated.

Actually when theloop is active when we stop the player or return to cue the loop ring light in the knob stops blinking.

And my last 2 “silly” questions. What is the purpose of the 2 arrow buttons < > next to slicer ? Also what is the purpose of the slicer ?

Merry xmas guys

I’m sorry to say this, but please try and use the search function on the forum, check some YouTube videos and read the manual. It’s all there.

We’re all happy to help, but some self-sufficiency is also welcomed. :+1:t2:

And a great X-Mas as well!

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If you mean you start playing on the first beat and when it reaches a particular point where you’ve had a loop active, like traktor, no. I believe there’s a request for that somewhere here.

The < > for the slicer are for moving the “sample”. For example let’s say you entered on a vocal that says “I’m a DJ” but you missed the “I’m”, by moving left (<) you can capture the beat you missed. At least that’s what I think it does. I don’t use the slicer at all.

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@Reese try to read more carefully and be more polite. Politeness is great :slight_smile:

@Reese as an Inmusic brands employee, you have to take into account that I am a customer and a potential fan (or no) of your products. From a customer success point of view the reply you gave to the customer (me at this case) telling me RTFM is translated as “I don’t care”. This is a Huge red flag when it comes to customer service.

I am not DJing for a living the last 10 years as I serve as C-Level executive and member of the board of a, 100+ employees technology company here in the UK and I would get very upset if I was reading a reply like yours addressed to a customer by one of our employees in our official and branded support forums.

When you are here, you are representing the firm. And your reply at this case was not at the level that in music company expects to see their products.

This is a very friendly piece of advice.

@Reese locking the thread (And trying to mute the customer) is not a sign that proves your “politeness” claim

Best, Angel

I am polite. Most of your questions are already asked, answered and in essence double topics.

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