SC6000s X1850 mixer. Phillips Hue lights. Only 1 channel is working

I have 2 SC6000s and X1850 mixer. I have Phillips Hue lights with smart bridge. No matter what I do, I can only get 1 channel to work with the lights. Both players and mixer are updated to the latest firmware. My music is stored on an internal hard drive that is installed in one of the players.

I noticed that bug as well sometimes.

Try to turn on first the players and then the mixer.

When all is up and running, press the engine button on the mixer and check if the channel assignments are correct. My left player is often not correct assigned (e.g layer b is not assigned to channel 1).

Start engine lights and give it a try.

I feel like I have been messing with it for 2 hours. That finally worked. Thanks Lukas. I will remember this in the future. Hopefully they fix the bug


Scratch that. It worked for a brief moment then went back to only playing on one channel. There is some kind of software issue with engine lighting that needs to be fixed.


Its working now. It just is glitchy. Thanks for the help.

I found it not to work as expected.

I presumed I needed to activate lighting on both decks and it would all work.

Turns out need 1 deck with hue active and it works on both decks. You can control lighting all on one deck then.

Also found I needed to raise and lower all the channel faders on the mixer when I start… Its like letting the players know where they are.

I have a 3-1-2-4 set up and spend few times working it all out

Same setup here. The USB dongle is on player one and 2nd player is linked through the X1850 hub. The light works always as expected. Please mind the brightness is handled by the line fader, so it must be up as the lights are working to the current playing track. I had some glitches with correct link when turning on the 3 devices randomly. Now I always switch on mixer first. Once it’s up then I switch on the players - now always the link works perfectly. If you experience an issue with linking the players then also the lights are not working correctly. Cheers!

PS: one more thing comes to mind… Have you linked both player directly or through the mixer hub? I guess you need to go through mixer, in order the SS recognize the line fader is up…

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What I also noticed is that the mixer is sometimes not recognizing the bpm changes of the players.

There must the a bug in the firmware of the x1850. Hopefully they will fix it soon. It was pre 2.0 rock solid.

Mine is fine. No reported problems here.

You have linked them via the Lan hub correctly?

Yes it’s all set up correctly. That’s why it works sometimes as should but because of the bug sometimes not :face_with_monocle: