SC6000'S 2 decks, different screen brightness on each

So I have just purchased 2 x SC6000’s from 2 different suppliers, both have arrived but one screen is a totally different brightness to the other at the max setting, anyone else has this issue?

I have to have one at the mid setting and the other at max to look the same.

Surely this shouldn’t be the case with a brand new product.

That same deck that has the incorrect brightness also kept crashing when trying to do the update, got it updated through the computer in the end.

I would exchange it to a new one.

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So I went to take the protective film off the jog wheel this evening and noticed the top of the jog wheel had 4 small dents so along with the brightness issue I’ve either been giving a returned unit or a display unit. This was purchased from Muziker in Slovakia at full price so it’s going straight back there tomorrow.

Oh and thanks Denon customer support for not bothering to get back to me re the first issue.

Good night everyone

Hope you get this sorted out quickly. So you can enjoy the amazing players!

I purchased another unit from a store in Germany because the return of this defective unit is going to take a few weeks, hopefully, I will have the new one early next week. I still have one so I can use the dual-layer for now.

I’m a pioneer user for the last 20 years, so it’s a big change for me but delighted I made it bar this one hic-up. They are a serious piece of kit

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