SC6000M standalone?


Do I need the x1850 mixer as well to use lighting? I’ve got an Allen & Heath xone db4.

I’ve automated scripts for all my tracks and can select colours manually with the deck.

However, when I press play on the deck nothing happens with the lights.

I’ve used this guide Control Epic Light Shows From Your Decks?! - Full Engine Lighting / SoundSwitch Tutorial - YouTube

Select my lights, got the correct address for my lights Beams LCB 803, followed the guide exactly.

Nothing happens when I play a track. I’m using a sound switch usb to dmx adapter. Correct Universe is assigned. In the top right corner, the status is permanently on connecting… Also, in the general tab, players 1,2,3,4 are greyed out.

The answer is yes. Can also be an X1800 of course.

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You can also use a laptop if you don’t have a denon mixer


Thanks fellas.

What’s up @LukeAnnett,

First of all, the Xone DB4 is an incredible mixer!

As @mufasa mentioned, you can use SoundSwitch with your laptop and a mixer with midi output. Check out the video below from SoundSwitch. GOOD LUCK!

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