Sc6000 Tidal issues

SC6000 This issue presists when i use a single Tidal account with 2 players (Havent tried with layers, just the first layer of each player) . I have to try about 10 times in order to load a track in the second player (while the first player plays streaming from tidal) happens almost 7 of 10 times especially when i am mixing fast between tracks. This means that you cannot do performance mix with a tidal account on 2x SC6000, wondering if its a Tidal or Engine 1.5.3 issue or both. Any Denon DJ advise will be helpful on this

I’m having a similar issue but with Soundcloud. I’m thinking it may be WiFi related as Deck 1 begins constantly dropping offline once I actually start downloading tracks with it. The first song will typically download on Deck 1 but once I do something on Deck 2 and come back, the Soundcloud connection is broken and I get WiFi disconnected error popups every few mins.
Unusable, IMO. I opened a support request on the official Denon page but haven’t heard anything back.