Sc5000M Won't connect with computer

what are the steps to connect sc5000m and x1800 to serato dj?

in total, how many usb cables do I need and connect from where to where?

sarato dj 2.3.1 updated all firmwares for sc5000m & x1800 updated all sc5000m and x1800 drivers for windows

the x1800 seems to work because i can crossfade to player 1 and 2 but the sc5000m doesn’t connect with my laptop. windows 7

Sorry to say, but Windows7 isn’t the best way forward. It can work, but certainly could not.

Could you try with a Windows10, perhaps?

3 usb cables

One from each device to the laptop

You can daisy chain the players if you have only 2 available USB on your laptop (connect one sc5000 to the other with the USB ports at the rear)

Not sure about Windows 7 though, check the minimum OS requirement for both Serato and the prime hardware.

Is your SC5000 in controller mode?

Hi @dintsesib - The SC5000’s are not officially supported on Windows 7 but it may work (no guarantees since we don’t test on that OS). It’s recommended to use a Windows machine with 8.1 or 10.

Here is the suggested configuration requiring 3 USB cables and 2 USB ports on your computer.

SC5000/M 1 > [USB 1] > SC5000/M 2 Rear port 2/3 > [USB 2] > Computer

X1800 > [USB 3] > Computer

I’m gonna get a windows 10 and see how it goes… I will let u guys know. the X1800 works fine with windows 7