SC5000m with Xone: DB4 (any issues?)

Hey, everybody.

I searched for topics containing “db4,” so if this has already been discussed in depth, i apologize.

I was really stoked for the upcoming Prime4 (hadn’t really looked into Denon until I saw that thing).

My hangup, however, is that I totally love my DB4, so getting a P4 would make me leave the DB at home.

This makes the mixer sad.

Then I found the SC5000m and it’s exactly what i’m looking for! (except not being supported by Serato yet… SDP customer service just told me “it is something we would like to support in the future, but at this point i can’t give any date to if and when that will be.”)

So, are any foreseeable issues with a SC5000m into Xone:DB4?

I’m completely happy to load all files to the ‘M’ (usb sticks and external)

Thanks, 'erybody.

The SC Prime players will work with any mixer and are great with the Xone. The lights and effects integrate better on the X1800. I do think the DB4 processing has really nice sound quality… and we have rotary mode.

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