SC5000M Motor Dragging


Hey everybody, I just got an SC5000M a few days ago. I’m loving it for the most part, but I seem to be having one major issue.

Right out of the box, the track seems to drag almost any time that the motor is engaged. Every once in a while, it will function exactly as intended, but then it will randomly start acting up without me touching or changing anything.

I’ve tried every possible tension adjustment, reseated the platter several times, updated the firmware… Still, 95% of the time I can only get a song to play in time with the motor turned off. The player doesn’t recognize this as a tempo change, it reads as 0.0% at all times, or wherever I have the pitch fader set. When running a DVS control tone into Serato, it consistently reads around -7%. Turn the motor off, and it goes back up to 0%.

So… Any ideas? Something I’m missing? My best guess is there’s an issue with the motor. But I figured I’d ask here first, in case I can avoid sending this one back.


Hello This sounds like a technical issue, our technical support team will be able to assist: