SC5000M looking for computer

I just purchased the SC5000M with the newest update when I connect to my computer(Mac running Mojave) in controller mode it’s sitting on “Looking for computer” I rebooted and switched ports… still the same. I see in the Serato midi devices shows the X1800 and SC5000M Prime controller Jack 1. Any suggestions on getting the SC5000M to connect?

SC5000M is not Serato compatible (yet).

Not Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Even though that message comes up, you can still midi map most things apparently.

I theorize that what is holding up serato accessorizing is platter dynamics’ programming on denon’s end.

My understanding of this at the moment is that Denon DJ have done all they can - compatibility is now in Serato’s hands, they need to add the drivers/mappings into their software.

From my understanding, serato already has everything they need. (Mappings, drivers, ect). Because the sc5000 is already an accessory. The only difference is the M has a platter. If you scan the feature requests you will find requests for the M model are mostly about mimicking software dvs dynamics. I do believe the the platter is the only thing holding back accessorizing. To put this to the test to see if it is true we would have to wait for the next firmware update to see if there is standalone platter performance enhancements to go along with the accessorizing.

True and the Rane12 is already supported with similar dynamics.

Not too sure. Rane 12 was a controller from the beginning with co-ordination and input from serato. Denon had to work with their platter for engine and engine is not serato.

Accessorizing will come for sure though.

Thanks for the input.

true but these companies are all owned by similar people and if the numark ns7 is serato native it shouldnt be that hard…I was so deoressed when i found out it wasnt compatible yet

Umm…that’s not how it works. “these companies are all owned by similar people… it shouldn’t be that hard” LOL