SC5000M 1.4 firmware platters stop working after loosing power

Hi, I was testing my new players seeing if when i pull power from the player if it keeps working. It stays on and i plug it back in then the platter stops working, this behavior happens on both players with 1.4 firmware. Don’t know if it’s a bug in the firmware or not? I would hope that normal operation would continue if i was to loose power. If i power the player down and back up it’s fine and works as it should unless the power is removed and placed back again. Here is a youtube video of what it did after the power was removed and placed back again.

Love this setup:-) Thanks for making it better and listening to us users.

Sam King

idem problem. When you disconnect the power cord you mean not?

Yes, all works well, but if you pull the power the deck should just keep working with a built in battery for a moment and let you plug it back in. I plug the device back in and the platter stops working. This would mean if i accidentally loose power for a moment, i would have to reboot the deck in order for it to work properly again.

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