SC5000 with Rane Seventy Two users using Serato DJ Pro

Anyone with this combination of gear? I ordered a Rane 72 which did not play well with my SC5000 using Serato DJ. Tried on both windows and mac running the latest Serato DJ Pro 2.0.3 and 2.0.4.

Just need some info, PM me.

Hi @mufasa - I’m getting our product specialist to have a look into this for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding.

I’ve already spoken to Rane technical support and tested the 72 with my dealers SC5000 beside mine. We got the same result. Dealer informed me that Rane is sending out a new 72 to me.

I’m hoping that it’s a faulty 72 that I got but at the same time will like to know if any other user has the same set up just to outrule if there is something else that resulted in issues i had.

What exactly is the issue you are having? “Doesn’t play well” is a very vague description.

Im thinking of combing these with a Rane 64, so I am genuinely curious.

The 72 kept loosing USB connectivity in a strange way. Sound was still coming from the 72 but all the buttons & knobs freeze up and unresponsive.

SC5000 was fine ie I could still scroll my Serato, select tracks etc.

Just got a message from the dealer that a new 72 is waiting for me. I returned the first one.

I had no issues whatsoever using the 5000s with a Rane 62 and Pioneer DJM S9. You should be good with the 64 :+1:t6:

Update 21st August 2018

Rane sent a new 72 unit to the shop and i just finished testing the brand new 72 and the shops Denon SC5000

The Rane 72 came with older firmware, Denon DJ SC5000s on latest firmware 1.2 Macbook Pro mid 2017 2.9ghz, 16gb RAM, 4gb GPU running Mac OS High Sierra Serato DJ Pro 2.0.4 (latest)

Test Results

  • 72 (old firmware) + SC5000 (controller mode) = not working

  • We updated the 72s firmware to 1.2 = Still does not work

  • Not working = screens freezing, 72 disconnecting,button & knobs unresponsive

So we did a case control study

  • 72 + Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus In HID = Working as it should, no freezing, smooth waveforms, super responsive

In Conclusion: Rane 72 does not work with Denon SC5000 and Serato DJ Pro


Please let us know once you have a response on your ticket with Serato. I am assuming it has to do with the screen on the 72? Out of curiosity, I tested the numark dashboard with a 72 over the weekend and ran into a similar issue. The numark dashboard became very laggy and some of the 72’s touch screen functions became unresponsive and the browse knob would quit working intermittently.

I haven’t gotten any response back. I mailed Serato to send me a video of their own set up working, i did not get a response. they said they cant reproduce the issues in an earlier email.

Two 72s, Four SC5000s, 2 Laptops, 2 different OS, Multiple USB cables

I produced the issue consistently

i’m getting a refund today.

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The refund of the Rane mixer is probabky a good thing. It’s a super great mixer but seems very one-trick-pony like it’s really designed for using serato only, between two rane12s

Using a sc5000 as a mere button controller for dj software doesn’t seem like using a £2000 MacBook as a simple £15 USB keyboard for a desktop pc , but each to their own. There is no -wrong-

Are you going to get a Prime x1800 mixer now instead?

I’m primarily a Serato user. And even though I use the SC5000 as stand alone I have gigs that I prefer Serato for. So I wanted that flexibility. I have an S9 which works perfectly with the SC5000 and had the Rane 62 which worked perfectly with it as well. Both with Serato and Standalone. I sold the 62 to make room for the 72.

To date no one from Serato nor InMusic have validated my issues.

I can’t deal with that approach of making it seem like it’s something at my end.

I will like to assume I have very advanced troubleshooting skills but this particular issue is beyond me.

I’m Not going to be buying the X1800 i have no need for a mixer in that form. I’m a 2 channel guy.

I will stick to the S9 which TBH is a great mixer and easier to use than the 72.

This is definitely a software issue with Serato. Rekordbox has the same issue when using the RZX alongside XDJ’s in HID mode. I was discussing your issue with a friend who used to have the RZX. He sold his RZX because of this same exact issue, except with rekordbox. Maybe both softwares share a similar protocol for the displays?


I’d assume it’s something of that nature as well. Some kind of clash in the data protocol.

Too many screens or something

Such a shame as I liked the the 72.

And I have more proof that the SC5000 does not work with the Rane 72 using Serato DJ Pro

Check the first thread,there is a video by another user

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