SC5000 Suggested Features

SC5000/6000 suggested features (software)

1.) Hot Cue color select & Naming on the players.

2.) Star Rating assignment on the players

3.) Key editing on the players (mixed in key is often different than engine analysis & I like to go off their analysis)

4.) Tag Editing on the players (Title , artist, Key, Genre

5.) Playlist creation / editing on players.

Basically the only reason I would ever want to have to remove my source from my sc5000 and run it through my Laptop is to maybe do some sort of Elastic Beat gridding or to possibly add new music (but honestly not even to add new music if possible)


Some of these ideas have already been suggested. Ideas have to be written into the proper form. Have a search on the forum for ideas already submitted on a proper form

Idea 5 is already possible


Idea 5 is possible on the sc5000’s in a non beta version? also I was asked to post this in the forums by denon dj from their facebook page. If they want it moved I’m sure they have Moderators that can do that. But I don’t know of a way to edit playlists on the sc5000 players… prime 4 maybe

It’s not just a case of moving the post - there’s 6 or 7 questions you have to fill out per idea. And yes the playlist creation is on public firmware on sc5000 not beta

Click here

And choose add new post - and the required questions will appear in the new post - you then fill out the answers to each question.

Cool… Since I already own the players and they are out of warranty I guess I just won’t bother since denon apparently wanted to make the process as painful as applying for unemployment assistance during a pandemic. Just like when my mixer was having issues after 8 weeks … Zzounds deferred to Denon, Denon kept telling me to unplug everything and let it sit (like an internet Router) Eventually has to open up the x1800 myself and found a bad ground solder. Elastic beat gridding has been promised for 2 years + … I love the players… but the software is garbage, the customer service has been bad (in my experience) and they keep making cash grabs releasing new gear rather than fixing software issues with their current products. Can’t recommend them to anyone based on all this

Welcome to the forum, DuBoi.

Like @DJ_Sontag says, check out the Feature Request area of the forum - most of the things we can think of has already been ‘wished for’… And also things that are stuff most of us, havent thought of :joy:

This thread covers one or 2 of your requests, so give it a Heart (:heart:) and its registreres as one more Like to the request :slightly_smiling_face:

And I´m sorry to hear about your experience, but during the last year, Denon has put a great effort in to listen to us. We just need to do the requests etc. the right way… Thats on us :slight_smile:

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I just realised that my initail request back in march 2018, actually has more like than the other , so you could give this a Like as well:

It was made before Denon startet with the form we have to fill out today, so dont do as I did back then :smiley:

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@DuBoi, I get parts of the frustration, but definitely not all. Certainly not about customer service and “cash grabs”. My 5000’s still get updates and my X1800 simply got replaced when I had the grounding issue, 3 years ago.

About the requests: Due to the massive double/triple posting in the past AND to get requests visible to staff, this is how it needs to be done.

Furthermore, DenonDJ hasn’t abandoned the “old” players. Tell me why you’d need to buy SC6000’s if you have the 5000’s now? Because of warranty? Welcome to the consumables age then.

We all can agree that requests could be faster implemented, but things are moving forward, slowly.

So what I’ve written below is info you don’t want to pursue anymore?

Please do a search for the individual requests. Heart them to add to the likes OR make a shiny new Feature Request if none have asked for what you would like to see, using the template provided, like @DJ_Sontag and @Engell also mentioned.



I was asked By Denon DJ on their Facebook page to please post this in their forums, I wasn’t given a specific set of guidelines or rules. I do so and get chastised immediately, because I didn’t do it correctly. My experience with calling several times to try to make a warranty claim was a run around about a known issue and a lot of ducking the issue trying to avoid the warranty claim … which worked because I eventually had to repair an essentially new product myself. My experience with denon has been less than great. To say the least. My players will randomly reboot themselves… still yet to figure out why that happens. And I’m told to unplug them … it’s a heat issue… even though they are NOT in a fight case , sitting open air , and were powered up 10 min prior to the reboot… after the unplanned automatic reboot they will go 10 hours nonstop no problem with the same drive… then a week later and 4 days of no reboot … 1 will randomly boot itself again.

all 3 of the last non beta firmware versions

None of us want you to feel unwelcome - we are here to help each other.

We just tried to point you towards how to use the forum in the most optimal way.

  1. Do a search and see if one’s idea / thought is already suggested.

  2. If not, create a Feature Request from the template that Denon has set up.

This way, there is a uniformity in all the queries Denon receives, and it is undoubtedly easier for them to navigate between all the requests they receive and has received so far. :slight_smile:

You might not see a bunch of responses from the Denon crew, but believe me, they keep an eye on everything that goes on in here.

Denon has become way better to listen to us over the past year, so keep your hope up. :muscle:

Oh and one last thing @DuBoi … here are people from all over the world - people who dont have english as their native language, and therefor sometimes a response can sound a bit harsh without that being the intention :slight_smile:

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Fingers crossed … Don’t get me wrong … Overall I love my SC5000s … but have had a lot of issues . And I do mean A lot with The preparation Software , a few WTH moments with the players… and very bad experience with support/warranty

TBH, I don’t know who actively comments on the Facebook page. On the forum, staff members can help to get the extra support you need, if normal ways might have failed.

The things you describe are not normal. Not if new, not if a few years old. I know he’s very busy at the moment, but I’d like to tag @JWiLL nonetheless to get some frustration lifted.

Back to this topic. Please do make formal requests if needed, but I see you’ve found some already to like! :relieved:

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yessir… getting used to navigating the forums. and looking through to see if some of my issues have already been resolved. never really dug the way most forums were laid out and navigated so even at 45 I very seldom if ever have even thought to use them for any product I’ve owned. That’s probably on me. But the customer service issues with warranty was all on the phone. will be anxiously watching to see if I can get any better results from here so I welcome the tag

It seems that the level of support people receive varies quite a bit. Personally I have had a good experience with the UK office however I have read of several users who have been told to pay for repairs that should have been covered under warranty (MCX8000 chip). I also read that a lot of support request emails are never replied to which is something Denon should maybe take a look at as it’s mentioned quite a bit.

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Maybe that is the difference… I’m located in the US. Maybe I’m dealing with a Different support team.

As a newbie, or infrequent visiter you wouldn’t have known about the right way, and if you’re not keeping firmware upto date, you wouldn’t have known about the playlists being makeable in the players either. That playlist making took me a few tries to get the hang of it but now it’s great. I don’t Make or use playlists in advance but just on-the-night if I need a few songs to play while I’m away from the stage , bit it seems to work well enough.

The questions on the suggestions form do make sense and I think those questions make people think more about how they’re going to explain the idea. Lots of people just used to chuck up a one sentence beg for “Make the whatever a bit more like other software” which wasn’t really making any sense. So the questions help get more detail and information than what might come out. The thing about one form for each idea makes sense too cause if someone lists several things in a single idea and someone votes for the post, no-one else know what’s idea that vote is going toward.

Anyway we’re all well overdue (VERY) another firmware update so maybe one of your ideas will show up then

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Did I miss a Non Beta release? Because I thought I was up to date and haven’t even seen a mention of the feature anywhere… Not on SC5000s anyway. Running v1.4.1 currently

Yes, this is possible in 1.4.1

You can actually just follow this video…

Thanks… I missed it somehow

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