SC5000 Song lags when loop is engaged and disengaged but only when vinyl mode is activated

As the title would suggest on one of my players the music lags and sounds horrible ranging from below a second to a couple of seconds when loop is engaged and disengaged, however it is not a problem when i turn vinyl mode off.

The problem happens both while usb is plugged into player and when playing from link.

Has anyone experienced this/ knows how to fix it.

i can try recording an audio or video example of this if it would be any help although im not sure how to post those on here, any help would be appreciated

Hello @tanv_322 Welcome to the forum.

What software do You have? I never experienced anything like this on my SC5000M’s…

1.6.1 or whatever the latest software is. it only happens on one of my players.i even tried redownloading the software to see if the problem would go away and it didnt

That’s interesting… did You tried to go back maybe to 1.5.2??