SC5000 Problem: Choppy sound + red triangle icon flashing

Hi friends,

I have a problem with one of my units. Sometimes it produces distorted choppy sound output (like it is busy and unable to produce continuous sound) which is always accompanied with red triangle icon flashing in top left corner where number of unit is displayed (would upload an image if only I am allowed to :-).

I have observed this behavior most of the time when Cueing, but also during regular playback (different files analysed by Engine Prime). Sometimes it recovers in matter of seconds, just to come back in a while, but it also happened that the whole unit just shut down and when powered on, the boot procedure took longer than usual and the screen remained black for quite a long time.

Gone through FWs 1.20 and 1.22 - no difference in this matter. The unit has an USB stick connected to it (tried different sticks).

Has anyone encountered this? Since there is also flashing icon indicating “something” I believe somebody from Denon might have an idea what’s going on?

Thank you very much for any advice.

Hello Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your 5000. is the warning sign like this one:


that’s exactly my case, thanks for bringing this discussion up. I’ll check the power cable and exchange sockets with the other unit (that runs OK) to see if it helps.

Thank you very much. Best Regards, Miroslav

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Hello again,

so I finally got time to test everything out and have to report that:

  1. It really seems like a problem with power supply as described above
  2. My problem has to be internal as I have a second deck which runs without any issue and if I just simply swap the power cords between them the problems remains on the deck where they were originaly and the other one still runs without any issue
  3. The issue occurs after approx. 30-60mins of playback, but when it occurs even restart doesn’t help and I have to let the deck “cool down” for couple of minutes

I guess I’ll have to contact my dealer and get it repaired, right?

Thank you.

Hi @mira.d, thanks for posting and sorry to hear about your unit. Please contact our Tech Support team if you haven’t done so already, so that we can get you partnered with a Repair Center to fix your SC5000. Goto to website below to fill out a support form: