SC5000 looks great but I would've loved to see an upgrade to the SC3900 instead

The SC5000 is a beautiful piece. However, Pioneer already made something like this. What they don’t have is moving platter like the SC3900. I’m hoping something like this is in the works.

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Probably because the majority of DJs these days don’t want/need moving platters. Being an original vinyl DJ I am so used to static platters now, I really don’t want moving platters. Nor would I want to pay for the extra cost it would bring with it.

And who knows, next out might be the SC9000 (we are running out of numbers here), the Prime Rolls Royce with (switchable) moving platters?!

I AM very curious to what piece of Pioneer gear you are referring, as - to my knowledge - there is nothing from Pioneer that even comes remotely close to the Prime Series. Not bashing Pioneer, the Nexus 2 is fine gear (if limited in features compared to controllers as are all CDJs and clones). In Tour version with that view-blocking laptop-lid screen in front of you it still doesn’t compare to the awesome power these SC5000s pack. It really is comparing apples with oranges.

Only my very humble opinion of course.

Just the same, welcome to the forums!

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The Nexus2k2 is a lovely $700 deck… it’s just a shame that they want $2000 for it. :wink:

Once the SC5000 Prime gets in-stock, I’m expecting prices for both new and 2nd hand Nexus to plummet.

Platter wise… i speak to a lot of DJs and less and less of them want motorised platters now, compared to the level of interest in motorised platters even just 4 years ago. Those who do still remember working with moving vinyl may be louder and more frequent now when asking about motorised vinyl simulated platters, however.

Overall, it would be a shame not to have a motorised platter somewhere in the range, but every design has to be viable for today’s market.

I suspect a lot of the motorized platter people will also just return to actual turntables now that solid product is available from so many brands in so many price ranges. After all, if you’re a vinyl purist after the real feel, real wax on a real deck is what you’re looking for anyway…

So while at first I strongly suspected an update to the 3900 was in the pipes, now I’m not so sure. Part of me thinks the demand may just not be there anymore…

Of course, only time will tell.