SC5000 Link not working

I recently purchased a 3rd SC5000 to use as a third deck. The issue is that the new player does not link with my other SC5000’s/X1800. It does not “see” the other players at all, meaning that I can’t play off of a flash drive plugged into another deck. In addition, when I have the flash drive plugged into the faulty player, the other 2 SC5000’s cannot see the drive as well. The blue Network light is on on the faulty player, but there is no amber light at the ethernet jack, indicating that there is no traffic/connection. I have tried several different ethernet cables and different LAN ports on the mixer, and the issue persists whether I use the ethernet hub built into the X1800 mixer or directly connect the faulty player to another working one via ethernet.

I tried to troubleshoot the issue by pinging the SC5000 with my laptop by connecting it over ethernet and using “arp -a” to find the players IP address and “ping” to ping the players IP address. When I do this - the player DOES communicate with my laptop - the amber light on the back of the player turns on, and the packets are sent and received by the SC5000 almost instantaneously. I will attach a screen capture of my command prompt to show what I did.

I’m really not sure what the issue is. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with how the player is set up in terms of player number and X1800 LAN port, which I made sure to match, or if it’s an issue with the network configuration on the player, or if it’s a hardware issue with the NIC.

I already sent in an RMA request and could send the player in now for repair, but I’d prefer to have it working soon.

bad player results-converted.pdf (59.9 KB)

You may have already checked this but, have you ensured all three decks are on the same level of firmware ?

Yes, they’re all running the latest version of the firmware. I forgot to mention that.

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