SC5000 hardwire internet connection

Hello folks - Was hoping to see how you can get the SC5000 to recognize ethernet / hardwired internet. This is on the tails of my prior issue with one of the units not recognizing WiFi, so I’m just trying to groundtruth this strategy and see if hardwire works. Is it supposed to be as basic as connecting the ethernet output of the unit to a network connection? No response if that is the case. Thanks again for all the help.

Yes, You connect the SC5000’s directly to a router or switch at Your home, or you can hook them up to X1800/1850 and use the ethernet Connection from the mixer (marked as PC) to go to the router. No setup needed. Works right out of the box.

I figured. So right now I have the unit connected via Ethernet to a switch in the wall that’s a live network feed and no response when I go to “source” - seems I’ll need to follow up with support. Might be an overarching network card issue with this unit.

It should get an IP-address from a DHCP server in the network. Furthermore, it could be that it gets an IP-address, but multicast might be blocked so Engine info isn’t shared over the network.

Never mind folks I did eventually get connection for Dropbox via ethernet – just don’t have the Wifi on that unit but that isn’t a big deal to me.

Hi Mate I have same issue as You no wifi on one unit Denon not really supported me as I got this unit second hand but what I noticed today i that in system check there is no wifi bluetooth card where on second one which is working is showing me AP6335

I appreciate this feedback – pardon my ignorance, but how do you perform the system check? I have no doubt that must be the case with my unit as well. And yes I too received my decks secondhand. They were the first issuances of the SC5000s back in late 2017, and they work very well aside from that lone issue. It seems possible a wireless card was omitted from one of the units during production as I know the prior owner never took the deck apart. I at least got a contact with Denon DJ from a gentleman who helped me in the past with an X1800 mixer replacement and this follow up information seems important where, even if the unit is well past warranty, it seems that it’s a big deal if a wireless card was simply not included in the unit.