SC5000 firmware 1.5.1 feedback

Hello, Since the upgrade on my pair of 5000, I face some shutdown issue. In fact, the shutdown process fails and the 5000 do not anymore respond… I have to unplug the power cable to … shutdown… It’s happen on the usb slave one (the one on the network). An other thing is the startup process: much much longer with the 1.5.1 than the 1.4.x. And the stupid SYNC button that I can’t unlit, very confusing. So, to my, 1.4 was much better than the new 1.5.1. And I’m going to downgrade it ASAP. Cheers! Hervé.

Does this also happen with the 1.5.2 version?

I never use beta version.

I dont think Denon put beta’s to download officially on their website :thinking:

This issue has occurred on one of my 5000’s a few times. I don’t recall the exact firmware this happened on, but mine failed to shut down roughly a year ago, 6 months ago, etc. At one point I actually unplugged the power supply and the entire unit stayed lit for a handful of hours.

I also don’t like the Sync button half-lit - makes no sense - from what I’ve read on other topics, many don’t like it that way. Maybe on 1.5.3 it will be solved? The ideal scenario would be able to select from the menu led brightness or ‘half lit’ state. Had no problems other than that, I’m on 1.5.2

at 1.51, restart the decks twice at the party. 1.52 one deck has been restarted so far. at 1.41 no reboots. base in recordbox on all firmware the same. sandisk extreme pro flash drive.

Yeah, it’s weird that they claim they did it based on user feedback but everyone here hates it, makes me wonder how they define their user base.


Without owning a unit yet myself, do I understand correctly that before 1.5, the button LED was entirely off when being deactivated?

If so, then I can not support the complaints about half-lit LEDs. In fact they are important, especially in dark environments, I do not want to extra look for the smaller buttons like Sync or Slip Mode, thus half-lit buttons improve guidance significantly. (Unless this half-lit state is set too bright, ofc)

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Ok, moving to 1.5.2 and everything fine now! :wink:

Has anyone noticed a drop in the output volume via digital out on the SC5000 following the 1.5.2 update? I have noticed a significant difference through the Rane MP2015.

A 6dB padding was added in 1.5.1 for too loud processed MP3’s, so yeah output is lower than before.

Sometimes it’s good to read the release notes:

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Thanks Reece. Unfortunately i don’t always have time to go through the release notes in detail. That is what i thought the Denon forum community was for? Interacting and asking questions.

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Of course, and here to answer them, but a bit of “self-service” would be nice. :wink: I’m glad you noticed the output volume difference.

Know that the beta group is pushing devs to make complete release notes.

Hi, My sc5000 has several issues and seen others here, after the 1.5.2 upgrade, please guys add here yours so we help the developers.

#1 usb read gets frozen. Same drive, and usb stick works perfectly with 1.4

#2 Random restart of the player

#3 Loop in and out can’t be manually moved with the jog Anyone had other issues? I have the sc5000 version. No “M”.

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I am having a few problems since latest firmware upgrade. Unable to eject media( just getting an error message). One of the decks won’t switch off (just freezes and I have to pull the power). USB not been recognised. Link between units sometimes not recognising USB. Never had these problems before the upgrade. Are there any positives from this upgrade to make it worthwhile persevering or shall I just go back to the previous version. Not sure if re-installing will make any difference.

The only thing I found so far is the instant on the x1850 was working before I down graded to 1.4.1 BUT- I’m not sure if it is related, or I just hit a bug on the mixer itself.

Did anyone got any feedback from Denon itself? Are they working on these bugs?