SC5000 dropping usb stick

Hello, I have 2 SC5000’s and a prime mixer. 1 of the 2 units keep dropping the USB stick during a set. I then have to restart the unit for it to read the USB, it works fine on deck 1 with no dropouts. It looks like a faulty unit to me, can you offer any advise?

Sorry you’re having problems. If it seems like a HW related issue, the best way to resolve this is to contact support directly. You can find more info here:

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Have you tried any other USB drives in the device and had any problems with them?

Also is your firmware up to date on the effected unit.

Make sure the thumb drive you are using doesn’t have an extraneous partition. I have noticed that the players have issues with thumb drives that I have split partitions on (from using for different things in Linux). This would also hold true for some Sandisk drives that have a seperate partition to house their management software.