SC5000/6000: Remote control and Jog wheel / platter question


I’m the new guy here in the “space ship media players” Denon community. :slight_smile:

I’m NOT a DJ so why am I here on a DJ forum?

Looking for a very good and usable music player for home use that doese NOT need an app and is usable for big music libraries. There seems to be NOTHING available in the consumer market and standard hifi rack format that fits my needs. There was only the great Sony HAP-Z1es which sadly is discontinued. So I stumbled over Pioneer and Denon media players and they seem to be fascinating and my choice is the Denon SC5000 or 6000. Seems easy to use as I can just type on the display to search when I want to listen to track XY.

I have a few maybe dumb question as I don’t have any experience with this type of hardware. :slight_smile:

1.) Jog Platter: Can the big platter be used to browse through the library / menus on the Denon SC5000/6000? That would be very handy when searching bigger libraries and it would be great for the kids, too.

2.) Remote control: As I want to use it as a hifi player in the living room I would like at least a simple remote controlled start / stop function. Both Denon variants feature a 3,5mm remote socket. Is there any documentation on how this port can be used? I want to control it with an infrared remote control and I am aware that there needs to be some kind of ir-cable-trigger. Any experiences, tips, hints?

3.) Does it have “normal” play modes that are available on hifi CD players like repeat or random play? Can I e.g. random all tracks in the library, repeat a single track or a complete album?

Thanks in advance!



@NoiseRiser and @Reese care to chime in on this one

This is not for infrared control, but for voltage controlled trigger. I am not sure for now, but I can check in some paper work was it a single puls of 5-10V or lower values. One pulse was to trigger play, second one to stop and go back to the starting point (CUE).

I think he can use a wireless keyboard instead?

Are there any key combinations or single keys that allow for control?

If I remember correctly yes. Some people weren’t happy about that.

Would be cool to have a list of commands

Thank you for your answers. That was fast :slight_smile:

@NoiseRiser: I know that it is not infrared and I’m aware that there needs to be a hardware translation from IR to the cable. That’s why I want to know what kind of input the remote port of the Denon DJ babys needs. So yes, it would be nice if you can lookup or give me a hint where I can look it up. Would be great to have it remote controlled via infrared adapter solution. Start/Stop next/previous track would be awesome.

As it can not play a whole album or repeat tracks I guess this has to be solved via those “crates” or some kind of playlist!?

I know that more can be done via LAN, but I don’t know how the protocol works. There is one forum member who got it solved, but he only got data from the player, not send any control data to it yet. Maybe this would be something interesting for You. Do a search on LAN API on the forum, You should find it. But anyway repeat and shuffle are not an option. As this is not a home player. We all know that there are cheaper solutions on the market that will do what You want actually… And still will give You the remote experience You look for.

I really think you have a better control and sound quality with a real media player/server hifi than a Denon DJ product for DJ mate

@NoiseRiser: Thanks for the input. If the LAN API (maybe http command controls…) can be accessed this would even open such players for smarthome control usage (which is overkill but nice to play with). I can live without repeat/shuffle :wink:

@all: As already mentioned, I’m not in search for a hifi consumer product as they have NO good on device control. I do NOT want app control as the main control option. Therefore on the consumer market there was only the Sony HAP-Z1es which allows music library browsing very comfortable with a rotating knob/wheel. No other device in the consumer market does this. The Pioneer and Denon DJ players all allow direct on device browsing and tha’s what I want and that’s why I want to have such a thing for stereo home use. IF the sound quality is not the best it doesn’t matter: The SC5000 has a digital output and I can connect it to a better DAC if required.