SC500 Prime Unit Unresponsive

Bought unit a couple years ago. Due to set up, i only had use for 1 of them. By the time i opened this unit up, it seems to have an issue. Unit becomes unresponsive after 10-20 mins of use. Can’t loop, buttons do not respond, etc. I am forced to power the machine off. If i do not wait long enough, unit won’t recognize the USB inserted when i turned it back on. I have upgraded the firmware to the most recent setting and i still encounter this issue.

Anyone have any idea how to possibly resolve this? Not sure if there is a way to reset the cdj but almost seems like that is necessary. Hard to play a set w/ 1 CDJ so any help would be appreciated!!

Maybe denon will make your one year warranty into a two or three year Warranty as you say you didn’t open the Box for two years after you bought it. It would have been Berger to have opened the box when bought and checked it all out for any warranty issues when new instead’

I understand i should have opened up the box. When bought from Guitar Center, it was assumed i was getting 2 new units. When i opened the first unit, everything was fine. When i opened the 2nd unit, i realised it had been previously used. Can’t cry over spilt milk. Hoping someone has any idea on how to possibly resolve this issue. Didn’t drop 2K on cdj’s for only 1 of them to be in working order :frowning: