Sc2900 traktor mapping


hello everyone,

there is out there any mapping fully working for denon sc2900 with traktor scratch pro 2.11 8latest update) I have a macbook pro, i ve been tryin with the normal midi mode (every function works weel, but no display information and no led around the jog wheel working). Later i tried with the tsi file provided on the denon website (display works, jog wheel leds working… but play button doesn t work and pitch range doesn t work and so on…) Thanks for your help


Mapping for hybrid midi mode works only if you connect your player with usb cable AND with rca cables to a TSP certified interface. I suggest you read the user manual a few times.

Tip: in VDJ, SC2900 is natively supported (“plug n play”) with full LED support for the platter.


Hi bru can’t be much help on this subject as I myself can’t even get anything to work on my denon sc2900 on Traktor 2.11 would you be able to help me out with the set up as I have been trying for months, tsi file on the denon site isn’t working would be a great help! Rob


Ok, first set everything using timecode CDs or file on USB stick - only then you can proceed to hybrid mode setup.


i have a fully working mapping display and all. if you want i will post it here when i am home


@bru87 send you a private message containing the tsi’s you need


So you need to use the time code CDs to connect the decks to traktor? But since then I’ve had another problem, when I connect to my pc I get a usb error saying hardware malfunction, reinstalled and updated drivers and no change


You can use the SC2900 players in three different ways to control Traktor decks:

  • regular player with timecode CDs (I recommended it just as a step before using Hybrid Midi mode)
  • Hybrid midi mode
  • midi mode

Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Also, you haven’t explained your problem properly.