Sc2900 jog wheel stiff

hello. had my sc2900’s a couple of years, get light use in home studio and today one of the decks jog wheel has almost seized up.

moving torque setting makes no difference.

it seems the top and side of jog wheel have stuck together as moving side has same effect as moving top.

as these are out of warranty i guess i’m stuck.

anyone seen this problem

Any of the usual UK service centres or service network would be able to look at that for you. It’s possible that the platter torque setting, which is somewhat like a mechanical brake, may have become overly tight and /or unresponsive to adjustment eg: stays enforced even when the torque lever is adjusted to a less resistive setting.

thanks but i’m in spain for the near future! as far as i know there are no denon service people over here.

ps don’t think it is the torque adjuster as moving side has same effect as moving top of wheel.

never mind… time to get my toolkit.

fixed it this morning…

didn’t need a manual.

took about 15 minutes using a screwdriver and a bit of patience - working now.

quite suprised how flimsy the ‘torque control’ is.

Great, as long as it’s fixed now (nothing broken?) and it was easy enough to do. Was something heavy placed on the jog wheel?

no, not as far as i know, more a case of flimsy cheap plastic construction… i can only assume all that money ws the cost of the circuitry!