Sc prime unboxing video

For those that need their daily Prime fix… i found this unboxing video…


X1800 Unboxing Video Too…

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Hearing that the housing is plastic is a MAJOR disappointment to me! I thought these were supposed to be metal and glass throughout.

Don’t get me wrong, the functionality is still revolutionary in the standalone market, but at that price point, I thought Denon were going to make a statement. I guess they went the Pioneer route :disappointed:


I feel that if they were all metal and glass, the price point would be a lot higher and the product would be a lot heavier…neither aspect is something DJs would enjoy. I think that Denon DJ’s ‘statement’ is loud enough, without creating a player with an all metal/glass chassis.

Lastly, “the Pioneer route”? C’mon man…tons of companies use materials like plastic over metal & glass for their products. A metal chassis isn’t needed when there’s no CD drive in the unit to keep in place.


I agree 100% ngiscombe. I think “MAJOR Disappointment” is a little overboard in regards that the SC5000. This media player will run circles around Pioneer NSX2. Im an avid user of Pioneers CDJ’s and pioneer controllers and the SC5000 brings the best of both worlds together, and hopefully with the software implementation of a solid functioning Engine prime, this will be the go to system of bedroom and pro dj’s all over the world… I’ve always embraced technology and this is at the top of the game right now hands down. I hope these units are still rock solid 6 months to a year from now. We know how much DJ’s like to “beat up” the club gear. Hope these withstand the abuse. in advance, Great job to the denon DJ team, thanks for giving us DJ’s a valid option when it comes to “Industry Standard Gear”


Sorry fellas, we’ll have to agree to disagree. DJ gear from the past was primarily metal. It’s not wrong for me to expect that a $1900 media player should be made from materials that will stand the test of time.

It not so much if it’s metal or plastic but how well it’s made. Absolutely nothing wrong with durable, thick plastic.

I’m reserving judgement until I get my hands on them. There are a lot of ways for plastic to be designed to be as or more rigid than metal, but I agree with you - I was a little surprised by that design decision too, just because Denon has that “built like a tank” rep.

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There’s plastic, then there’s plastic.

Motorcycle crash helmets are plastic after all …

This is going to be another situation where people are simply not going to be able to comment on until they’ve touched it, picked one up a few centrimentres off of a counter, felt the build quality for themselves.

Remember, the units have been seen by thousands of people at various DJ public “trade” shows, DJ exhibition nights, DJ associations etc for months now and every single comment has been positive from those who have got hands-on with the units.