Sc 6000 and Effect from touch screen

SC 6000 are all freezing again after months of not. Long course of action the first time. Has anyone else notice lately?

Also, cant start the pitch rise () from the main touch screen anymore on any decks. Did something change I didn’t see?

What version are you on ?

When do they freeze?

Which player is freezing? The player with the source drive or the linked player?

On 1.6.2, Then (2) non source drives Freeze.

Are you using a Rekordbox source?

I had it as well once with a rekordbox stick from a friend. I guess it was a corrupt mp3 file.

no. not using anything during failures but Beatport and Tidal

Still unable to access (dont remember name for life of me) pitch control form the display. I use it to create risers in build ups or transitions.