Saying hello from Holland

Hello all,

My nickname is Reese. Just a guy from The Netherlands or Holland (as it is usually called).

Started to DJ in “I dont know when”. Bought my first SL1210 in 1991. Bought the first CDJ500 in 1994. Pioneer was also plastic in those days… Bought my first Denon DN-2500F a few years after that, because someone showed me his older DN-2600F. Switched to a Tascam CD-302 player because Denon stood still and Pioneer still was plastic… Even bought a Denon DN-M2000R minidisc recorder. And even had a HC4500 for a couple of years. All that before changing to Traktor D2’s and a RME Fireface UC to just mix and play at home…!

Didn’t play at any great festivals and even disregarded to play at local TMF/MTV events back in the day. Because it has been and still is a hobby, that doesn’t mean I know what’s good and what’s not. I even pitched some solid Traktor features.

I just couldn’t help it and bought one SC5000 last week! I want number two!! Finally. No more plastic standalone player and with the features of the Traktor setup. EnginePrime is missing some simple stuff, but hey version 1.0.0.

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