Saved loops in standalone mode - Prime / Firmware V2


Very pleased to finally see the new firmware and ability to use Engine Prime with the MCX800, which I’ve been waiting a while for. However, one of the functions I was hoping for doesn’t seem to be there - which is accessing the saved loops - IN STANDALONE MODE - which were created on tracks, in Serato AND Engine Prime.

When the 8000 is connected to Serato, saved loops are accessed by pressing “ROLL” twice. It doesn’t look like the new firmware and Engine implementation on the standalone 8000 has provided this functionality.

Am I missing something important here?


Hi @syymon thank you for your feedback. I will pass this onto our development team, and hopefully we’ll put this in the next update.


Thanks Chloe.

For me, having saved loops accessible and createable in standalone mode is one of the things that allows me to truly use it without a laptop.

I might be on my own with this one - but it would be good for others to express their opinion - because if a lot of people are in favour, then it adds more weight to including it in the next update.


I’ve thought saved loops would be good but i tend do most of mine on the fly anyways


Absolutely, it would be great to access the saved loops that I have created in Serato while in stand alone mode!