Sale of some of DenonDJ stuff - for UK crowd

Just a quick info for people searching for some DenonDJ hardware in good condition from a reputable seller - DJ Worx is selling a single SC5000, a PAIR of VL12, X1800 and a MCX8000


I’ve had some stuff off Mark before. Recommended at those prices too.

Shame I’ve not made a penny since last March or I would be interested.

Wife would cut my balls off if I spent anything on DJ gear.

First gig tomorrow though :grinning:

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Shame. You could have been on the Prime side of life. :relieved:

Don’t know if I’m ready to commit yet. Development not dynamic enough for me. Still lots of promises and not much to show unfortunately.

Would be nice to go to a gig with a SC6000 setup now things are picking up agian.

Maybe one day,.

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Thanks for posting it here. The X1800 Prime has however just sold.

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It’s still nice to read your first post after 4 years of membership. Welcome to the forum, Mark! :sunglasses:

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Thanks Reece. I have visited when I was active with Denon DJ gear. So it’s the greatest irony that I post just as I’m about to move on to different things.


It is a shame but it’s still great to see you here, even if it’s only a passing wave.

I hope you pop by and dip in every so often (and keep up the excellent work in the Worxlab).

Hello Mark, you did a great job on scratch worx and dj worx. That was always best website for dj gear nerds like me. Thank You for all You did for djs, honest opinions, detailed pictures. Great content that will be hard to be topped up by anyone else.