Running standalone AND controller modes simultaneously

Hi, I would like to be able to run BOTH standalone AND controller mode running Virtual DJ 2020 on my Prime 4. I would run channels 1 & 2 as standalone mode and channels 3 & 4 running Virtual DJ or have the option to switch so that I can run VDJ on channels 1 & 2 and standalone mode on channels 3 & 4. This could be an added option with future firmware updates and could be selected in “preferences” using the Prime 4’s touchscreen. I am hoping that this sort of update can be possible in the near future.


Hello, Please make a feature request, so the people can vote on it. If it gets important for many more users it has a big chance then to be implemented.

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Hello. I think that the BPM counter from external input /phono, line/ would please everyone who uses for example classic vinyl records.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Due to product design, this is not something we are able to implement.

It is however a great idea and something we will consider for future products.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide your feedback!

Another thankful entry into the “won’t be implemented” bit of the forum

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