Running Denon HD2500 off External Hard Drive


Hi Guys,

For those of you still running the HD2500. I currently use a HC4500 as a primary controller for the laptop and a HD2500 off its internal HDD (running continously) just incase I have to reboot. I also carry a spare laptop with me.

Is it worth the hassle of setting up the HD2500 to run off an external HDD just incase I have total laptop failure? Plus the HD2500 will work as a laptop controller too.

From what I’ve read here, the HD2500 can handle up to 4 usb devices and a max of 1TB of data with no more than 1000 MP3’s per folder.
I’ve further read that a powered USB hub is required to run the HDD’s and keyboard.

Looks like a lot of messing about, with even more wires to prat around with. I know I may have answered my own question.

But is all this worth doing?