Rookie mistake ... or ... How Macs can spoil you!

Not having touched the 8000 for a while (internal reorganisation, house guest for a few months, holidays, work load and a few other bits and bobs) I set it up a few days ago and found the Power Supply Unit was shot. Ordered a new one, it came in today.

After connecting everything up, the controller plays from USB stick no problem. Hooked it up to my Yamaha AG03 (aux input) so it plays nice and loud over my KRK monitors.

Then I figured I’d fire up Serato. Connected USB cable and … nothing! Serato kept telling me that this was the ultimate time to connected my supported hardware. It IS connected, I shouted. Changed the USB cable (of course I carry spares, I am a mobile DJ, remember?), no luck with that.

Rebooted the unit, nothing. Rebooted the PC, nothing. Then, very softly at first, a little chime went off in the back of my head. Wait, this is not my trusty old MacBook Pro that I always DJ with. This is my big, ole desktop PC (6-core, 12GB so no worries there). And it is, obviously not running apple OS Sierra, but … wait for it … Windows 10!

And, you guessed, it, Windows needs you to install drivers.

Downloaded, ran the installer, fired up Serato again and Presto! Connected.

Pffffff … to think I give advice to people about this stuff over at the Digital DJ Tips forums … tss tss tss.

So, let’s keep this amongst ourselves, shall we? :sunglasses:

Our little secret…

** screenshot click **

(insert evil laugh here)


Playing the devil’s advocate here…Macs +Serato now have to be babied. The only way I can ensure that my hardware gets connected 99.6% of the time (that’s an arbitrary stat) is to power up the controller and connect the usb cable before starting serato. Often I ve been stuck at “your device is connecting and it will take a minute” flashing yellow banner.

This started with 1.8 Serato DJ.

That’s one of the things I miss from scratch live. You can unplug and plug as many times as you want it almost always connect at first asking.