Roll Button Colour


Anyone else getting this anomaly on their SC5000M?

I’m pretty sure it used to alternate green / purple all the way to the end…

Not a biggie, but still.

Maybe miss Chloe_DENONDJ might dare to explain to you something about “the reality of production” for your 1300 euros paid.

You can read her “professional” opinion here:

My god! I wish Technics would consider venturing deeper in the DJ equipment business to show you the meaning of the word “high quality”.

Purple are triplets. Since about ehm several years now… hence the T on your screen when Roll is selected. The last are full 1 and 2 beats, so always green.

@Canaris you think it should be purple due to QC? Else it’s off-topic.

Don’t you think it is rather strange that in the user manual we can read about RGB colours or the fact that the pads colour change from white to another colour, according to their assigned function, without mentioning the specific colours? You buy the unit, put it to work and then you notice that some colours are not right or differ from deck to deck, because of LEDs calibration errors during production. If you’re not happy with the colour differences and request a replacement, you pretty much are at the mercy of customer service to accept or not that your equipment has a problem. If things would be clearly stated Mr. Option-D wouldn’t have to guess the right colours for every pad.

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I already asked for a way to calibrate the whites. The 8 buttons of my unit are slightly to the red on one and slightly to green on the other.

You’re trying to make a point about QC and I’ll second that definitely, but it is off-topic and irrelevant in this topic.

In fact the topic starter is talking about that he “thought it was green-purple-green-purple all the way from left to right”. That has never been that way and has nothing to do with QC. Only TRIPLET beats are purple colored.

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I reckon I could see dozens of colors - if I were to smoke some Canaris :seedling:

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(I admit, I smiled… off-topic) :nerd_face:

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Hi @Option-D, this configuration of colours is correct and matches up to the straight and triplet beat roll functions of the SC5000 range. If you check the bottom of the screen in ROLL mode you’ll see the time division each button corresponds to.

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Lol how would You smoke that? Googled canaris and… well try it :smiley: lol

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