Right display does work in Engine mode but not in Serato mode

On my MCX 8000 the Right display does have a strange behavior: it does work in Engine mode but not in Serato mode. Reinstalleded the Windows 1.0.5 driver (on my Windows 7 laptop) and reinstalled the firmware 1.5 on the MCX 8000. In Windows ‘device manager’ (control audio/games/video) I see MCX 8000 and MCX 8000 ‘‘left display’’ but the ‘‘right display’’ is gone! Any tip is very welcome!

Try installing “usbdeview” and it will list all the USB drivers installed on the machine. There you will see if the right display driver is installed and in use.

You can also use it to uninstall all the previous MCX drivers then reinstall fresh.

That should hopefully work.

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Thanks for your fast reply and tips! I can see the display driver is installed but one difference (at the red arrow) last plug/unplug …looks like it broke on that moment.

Try unplugging the MCX then uninstall all the relevant drivers before reinstalling.

Sometimes Windows just gets clogged up and stops recognizing devices.

Also possibly try a different USB cable.

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I’m suffering from a very similar issue. Some days it decides to work, some days it doesn’t. I don’t seem to have any control over it.

I get this problem too, occasionally, sometimes in reverse, just in engine mode