Request update to edit track titles on prime 4

Need to edit a load of my track tlitles.will there be a function in future to do this on the prime itself

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Doing that on the unit itself would be a rather slow way of achieving the goal (particularly for “a load of track titles”), why not simply use any of the many available freeware software to edit the ID3 tag of the track?

Well i can do it in just have to do on my laptop then reinstall to sata i have few thousand tracks.longgggg

So you don’t think the time saved by doing it on a laptop as opposed to the unit (for a few thousand tracks mind) would be greater than the time it takes to take the drive out of the SATA bay and put it back again?

Interesting logic…

Yes good logic.just a pain considering i payed 1600 quid for the prime 4.yet could do this on my older numark nv2s

Drive can stay in Prime4, if that’s what you mean by this?

Reese.can i edit in serato via link cablei e will it also change the files on the sata drive when i edit in serato the names

I don’t know about Serato, being database driven.

Prime4 will show the internal drive as a USB-drive, when in computer mode. So any tool on Windows or MacOS you’d like to use to edit files, will write directly to that file. Say, for instance, tools like TagScanner, but also Windows Explorer, MacOS Finder etc.

Ive done it now.i youtubes it and saw a video on something called tag n rename.thanks tho reese

Yeah TagScanner, Tag&Rename and mp3tag are all similar programs, that more or less do the same.


i agree they call it a STANDALONE unit you should be able to rewrite tags. on all prime standalones


Captbluntz.exactly m8​:+1::+1:

Would love this functionality! I’m not trying to update my whole collection, but it would be nice to be able to update a song that you notice is wrong when you go to play it.

Agreed on this - my original objection wasn’t so much with the request itself, it was because doing this for an entire collection/many tracks is better done via computer rather than the unit.

It makes perfect sense to be able to edit metadata on a track per track basis in your scenario though :slight_smile:

Ive just turned my decks on today and for the 1st time it stayed on the loading screen.had to pull power cable out as it wouldnt even turn off

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