Request information denon sc5000 prime

I’m considering taking a denon sc5000 premium, but I have to have some information before jumping the pace. When will the sc5000 be compatible with HID traktor? Will the engine prime software take into account the cue, loop, traktor pro grid points into account? Considering that the SC5000 is 2 drives. Is it possible with a single denon SC5000 premium duplicate sound from track A on other playback? My goal is to work without a computer, but for that I have to be sure that all the data of my sounds are taken into account pae engine prime

Now let me start by stating that some of the questions I do not fully understand, but I’ll try to have a go.

I don’t think Traktor HID support is on the top of DenonDJ’s todo list. I will not judge your opinion, but I would not go out and buy a 1900 dollar Traktor controller. I myself had the much cheaper Traktor D2’s for that job. :yum:

Engine Prime is not compatible (yet) with Traktor edited files. Only Serato at this point. I think it would be great if that conversion or import would be available to ensure a smooth transition. My guess is that, conversion wise, RecordBox import is top priority at DenonDJ. :wink:

Duplicate sound to layer B? Don’t exactly understand your intent as to why, but you can load the same file on both layers if that’s what you mean?

My goal was the same, but chose to go for these ultimate players and just start over fresh with my tracks. Most of the old prepared music I don’t even play that much anymore, so didn’t take that long.

thank you for your reply. My goal is not to use the SC5000 with traktor but at home I could do a hybrid system since I ordered the VL12 premium. for the evenings that the mixer and the sc5000. I really hope that Denon will be able to make sure that the engine is compatible fast enough to recover my hot cue and traktor pro loop.Other I have jumped and ordered an SC5000.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how things are progressing with the big DJ software companies getting associated with the SC5000.

As there’s a multi core processor inside the SC5000, there’s some previously unheard of developments happening with the biggest names in the industry.


And perhaps we should stick to calling them PRIME instead of Premium units? Just to avoid confusion?!

Prime -> Google translate -> premium

Ah! Of course … LOL