Req- Beatgrids Saving to source file

Hello guys,

I have noticed that when you lock the beatgrid it doesnt save to the original source file like in serato and traktor.Is this something that could be implemented in the future? It can get messy leaving your whole collection in prime.

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Engine does not edit the file itself. It saves edits in the Engine database by design.

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I have my whole collection in Prime. 60k+ tracks, 7gb database (and growing). Nice and organized. I can plug in my external SSD into any Prime device and be ready to spin tracks immediately. Having a large collection, I like how the beatgrids and other metadata is saved to the database.

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Okay I am hoping Will get used to this. I have a prime 4 coming and the software has made me feel a bit worried about my decision. I just imported my library to collection and it seems to be skipping some tracks entirely

Perhaps in a not too distant future Engine can save some performance data to a custom field in the tracks tag.

Meaning if the track is loaded in a compatible device or software the performance data is already there. Ready to go.

I really hope so - I gave up completely on engine prime and I had to purchase $70 worth of software just to make the sync work properly. I really hope my prime4 doesnt suck

You gave op on engine prime and you still ordered a prime 4? Strange… How did you spend $70 to fix it? tuneup and… ?

Until it corrupts. As my ones have done several times.

I have not had any corruption issues… yet. I make sure to properly eject database drives and keep it backed up in at least three places. I’ve spent the last year building it from the ground up and am not taking any chances. My Engine DB is my baby! :joy:

So far the prime4 looks amazing and I’m very impressed. I will just keep my music on a central HD and then use the conversion tools I found to convert from traktor beatgrids to the prime 4. I think this system will work