Renaming files outside of Engine Prime will result in missing files within the application

I’m new to Engine Prime so please forgive my ignorance.

I changed the filenames of some music outside of the Prime software - I did it in File Explorer. I didn’t realise that if I made changes to the original file, it wouldn’t work any longer in Engine Prime.

Is that right? Once I’ve added to Engine Prime, I can’t change it’s name or location without losing all cue points, loops, beatgrid adjustments etc?

Or am I able to get them back somehow? I spent hours setting saving some loops and cue points that seem to be lost now :frowning:

You could connect to the sqlite database and update the filenames and paths manually.

Oh gosh, that’s over my head!

Luckily I was able to re-name them to their original filename and Engine was then able to recognise them again and I have the loops and cues back.

But it does mean I can’t change the name of any file or change it’s location outside of Engine without losing all Engine’s data on those files. Have I got that right?

Correct. If you change the file name outside of Engine Prime the application will no longer know where to find the file thus it will appear in red as missing. This would be the same behavior in other music management applications.

I would suggest that you make your filename changes first, and then add to Engine Prime. Once in Engine Prime you can always change any of the metadata.

I’ve updated the topic to reflect the actual conversation.

One more reason to add a “Relocate Missing Files” option. I think this is a feature request somewhere.


100%! it’s on our list!

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